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Hon. Robert Tierney,

Chair, NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission

One Centre Street

New York, NY 10007


fax: 212/669-7960 or 669-7955


Dear Chair Tierney:

Thank you for voting to designate three more promised landmarks in the Far West Village.  The Landmarks Preservation Commission’s actions on March 6th, combined with recent actions to designate the Weehawken Street Historic District, to extend the Greenwich Village Historic District, and create the Gansevoort Market Historic District, go a long way towards protecting these vital but fragile historic neighborhoods.  Actions such as these truly make a difference in preserving the qualities that make our neighborhoods so historic, and so special.

I urge you to keep going.  In June of 2005, you committed to consider landmark designation of these three sites as well as five additional ones.  Like the prior designations, these sites are of great significance, are integral parts of the historic fabric of this neighborhood, and deserve landmark designation.  I hope that you will fulfill this commitment and begin consideration of them very soon.  Additionally, areas like the South Village are extremely vulnerable and almost entirely lacking in landmark protections, and I urge the Commission to consider this area soon as well.

Thank you again for all your work to protect the historic character of this wonderful neighborhood.  I hope there will be more such good news such as this soon.






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