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City Planning Commission Chair Amanda Burden
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Dear Chair Burden:

I write to strongly urge the Department of City Planning to rezone the M1-6 district in the southern Far West Village/Hudson Square to prohibit ‘Trump’-style buildings.

The scale and height of the Trump SoHo 'Condo-Hotel' is totally and utterly inappropriate for this area.  Community groups such as the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation have been asking the City Planning Commission to rezone this area for at least two years.  In 2007 you said that there was no need to rezone this area, and yet earlier this year you supported a developer's request to rezone a small part of the area to accomodate his project, but not to address the outrageous scale of development currently allowed by the M1-6 zone.  I hope you will now reconsider this long-standing request to rezone this area, to prevent more 40+ story towers from going up.






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