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Dear Councilmember           :

As someone who knows the critical importance of the work of the Landmarks Preservation Commission, I write to urge you to support the proposal to increase funding for the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission by $1 million for Fiscal Year 2008. 

Compared to the City’s overall budget, this is a modest investment that would make a tremendous difference to a city agency which has such a huge effect on preserving the character of our neighborhoods, our quality of life, and the livability and desirability of our City.  The preservation of our city’s landmarks and historic neighborhoods promotes our economic health, tourism, and pride in our city and neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, even as demands upon the Landmarks Preservation Commission have risen precipitously, staffing levels are still well below where they were 15 years ago.  In order for the Commission to adequately do the job an increasing number of New Yorkers are asking of them, they need more staff and more funding.

Last year, the Council increased the LPC’s budget by $250,000, and the result was a noticeable difference in the amount of work the agency was able to accomplish in surveying and designating historic buildings in neighborhoods.  Nonetheless, the agency remains too under-funded and under-staffed to adequately fulfill its role of protecting NYC’s architectural, cultural, and historic heritage.

I appreciate your consideration of this request which would make an enormous difference to me.



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