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Dear Council Member,

The preservation community is once again looking to your leadership to restore funding for research personnel at the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Thanks to you and your colleagues, the last two years have been more productive at the Commission as new research staff funded by the Council has focused on new areas for designation.

Despite this increased activity, more than fifty areas throughout the City await action on their petitions to become historic districts including a much needed expansion to the Upper East Side Historic District. These areas encompass over 24,000 properties and are home to over 100,000 New Yorkers. These are community-driven campaigns and popular movements, and they need your help.

The Council has been very responsive to constituent pleas for landmark protection. Without your aid, the LPC’s survey and research abilities will be severely curtailed, and many of these New Yorkers requests will not be answered.

We hope that you and your colleagues in the Council will continue your excellent record of helping to deliver needed services to communities and will restore LPC’s funding. Dozens of preservation groups have signed on to this effort, and we will be rallying on City Hall steps on Wednesday, May 28 at 2pm to show our support. We hope to see you there.

Thank you again for all your efforts on behalf of preservation.




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