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Re: Loss of Theaters in Greenwich Village

Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

I am deeply disturbed by the increasing loss of theaters in Greenwich Village, and I urge you and the City to work with local groups like the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation to help prevent further losses.

Small theaters are vital to the character, vitality, appeal, and economic health of both New York City and Greenwich Village.  The Village has suffered the loss of some of its most iconic and venerable theaters in recent years, and now more are threatened. 

An important part of New York and the Village's reputation over the last century has been as a place of theatrical innovation and vitality.  This cannot continue without the continued presence of small theaters.  And because of the proximity to other cultural activities, the Village is an incredibly important place for such theaters to be located in order to serve the broadest cross-section of the public possible and to benefit from and contribute to the unmatched cultural vibrancy downtown. 

I hope you will help to preserve the proud tradition of theater in Greenwich Village.




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