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Hon. Robert Tierney,
Chair, NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission
One Centre Street
New York, NY 10007
fax: 212/669-7960 or 669-7955

Dear Chair Tierney:

I strongly support the proposal to designate Webster Hall in the East Village a New York City landmark, along with the proposal to designate 444 East 10th Street, 231 East 7th Street, 538 East 11th Street, 307 East 12th Street, and 242 East 7th Street, also in the East Village.

Webster Hall embodies incredibly important elements of the East Village and New York City's social, political, and cultural history.  Collectively, the five other proposed landmarks also represent important aspects of the East Village's development as a quintessential working-class immigrant community.

I also strongly urge the Commission to move ahead with landmark designation of 128 East 13th Street.  I know the Commission has done important work to prevent this building's demolition and help ensure its future preservation.  However, I strongly hope this incredibly important and special building can be preserved in perpetuity through landmarking.

The East Village is such an important repository of our city and our country's history.  Unfortunately, this is not yet adequately reflected in landmark designations and protections for the neighborhood.  The landmark designations proposed and under consideration will begin to help address this imbalance.  I hope it is a first step in the Commission fully considering the enormous historic significance of this neighborhood.






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