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May 6, 2016


Pier 40/St John's Mega-Development Plan Moving Ahead WITHOUT Neighborhood Protections; Hearing May 24th

Under the City's zoning plan, five towers totalling almost two million square feet would be built on the St. John's Terminal Building site, while zoning plans to protect nearby historic residential neighborhoods continue to be ignored.

The City is moving ahead with a proposal to upzone and allow a massive development on the 3-block St. John’s Terminal site (Houston and West Streets) WITHOUT any provisions for landmark or zoning protections for vulnerable nearby areas like the South Village, or any limits on future air rights transfers from Pier 40 that would continue to allow increased development in our neighborhood.

GVSHP and many in the community have called upon the City to pair any development plan for this site with long-called-for landmark or zoning protections for the nearby South Village, and to account for and restrict future air rights transfers from Pier 40.  The proposed 2 million square foot, five building development (six times the size of the nearby Trump SoHo) will be 70% larger than what current zoning for the site allows, and will utilize a transfer of “air rights” from the Hudson River Park made possible by the State Legislature in 2013.  Without the limits we are calling for, this approval will continue to increase development pressure upon the unprotected residential South Village neighborhood south of Houston Street, and would continue to allow for future air rights transfers enabling more oversized waterfront developments in the future.

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Two Jane Street Development Plans Get Landmarks Hearing May 11 & 16

Hearings have been scheduled for proposed changes to landmarked sites on Jane Street in the Greenwich Village Historic District, at 11 Jane Street (Greenwich Avenue/Hudson Street) and 85-89 Jane Street (Washington/Greenwich Streets).  The application for 85-89 Jane Street is to “construct rooftop additions, raise the height of the street wall, and alter the rear façade,
raising the two, two-story commercial

11 Jane Street

buildings of 30 feet to one five story building of 80 feet and converting it to a single-family home
.  The 11 Jane Street application is to “demolish the existing building and construct a new building,replacing the two-story, 31 foot tall parking garage with a 6-story, 74 foot tall, 9 unit apartment building.

To see our landmarks application webpage for 11 Jane Street, click
here; for 85-89 Jane Street, click here.

85-89 Jane Street

To see more background about these proposals, click here.

While some type of development will likely be allowed here, it is critical that the public weigh in on the size, scale, and design of any proposed changes and their appropriateness for their surroundings on this very special street in the Greenwich Village Historic District.


Hearing On Stonewall National Monument Plan May 9

Stonewall Inn (l.) and Julius' Bar (r.)

GVSHP has been working with a coalition of community groups and elected officials spearheaded by the National Parks Conservation Alliance seeking to make the Stonewall Inn, considered the birthplace of the modern LGBT rights movement, and the adjacent park and surrounding area a national park and/or monument.  A public hearing will be held next week on the plan for the Department of the Interior and National Parks Service, and Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis will attend to hear feedback from the public.  This is an important opportunity to recognize one of many incredible contributions the Village has made to our nation, to civil rights movements, and to  LGBT history.   Read more about it here.

In 2015, GVSHP successfully spearheaded a campaign to secure
landmark status for the Stonewall Inn.  GVSHP is currently seeking landmark status for the nearby Julius’ Bar, which recently marked the 50th anniversary of its landmark 1966 “Sip In” for LGBT rights.



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