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May 18, 2016

Dear Friend:

Under the City’s proposal, air rights transfers may be allowed anywhere between the black line and the Hudson River
In 2013 New York State passed legislation allowing the transfer of over one million square feet of air rights from the Hudson River Park one block inland, vastly increasing the potential allowable size of development in our neighborhood. While we have gotten landmark and protections for much of the Far West Village over the last fifteen years, this threatens to undermine much of that progress.

But we have an unprecedented opportunity to limit or end those air rights transfers in our neighborhood in the future. The City is now moving forward on a rezoning plan that would allow some of those air rights to be used on the 3-block St. John's Terminal site (West & Clarkson Streets). If we do not get the rezoning to include restrictions on future transfers, we will likely never get them and could face further potential for vastly increased development along the Greenwich Village waterfront.

This may be our last chance to protect the Far West Village and Meatpacking District from the threat of increased overdevelopment from air rights.  WITHOUT SUCH PROTECTIONS, THE ST. JOHN'S DEVELOPMENT COULD BE JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG OF AIR RIGHTS TRANSFERS IN THIS AREA VASTLY INCREASING DEVELOPMENT POTENTIAL.

This parking lot on Jane and West Streets would be just one of the many prime targets for developers if air rights transfers are allowed without restrictions
We need to tell the City and our elected officials that NO rezoning of this area should move ahead UNLESS future air rights transfers are restricted.

Here’s How You Can Help:

In the last fifteen years we have helped get more than 1,100 buildings landmarked and zoning protections for nearly one hundred blocks of our neighborhood.I believe we can get our neighborhood the zoning protections against future air rights transfers allowing overdevelopment which it needs


Andrew Berman
Executive Director



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