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(l. to r.) 57 Sullivan Street, 2 Oliver Street, 138 Second Avenue, and 801-807 Broadway -
just four of the nearly one hundred sites the LPC was planning to 'de-calendar' en masse.

In an important victory for preservation efforts, the Landmarks Preservation Commission has announced that they will hear and consider for potential landmark designation approximately 95 sites previously considered for “de-calendaring,” rather than simply removing them all from the list of those under consideration for landmark designation as formerly planned.  This includes four buildings in our area of which GVSHP had advocated for landmark designation:  801-807 Broadway/67 East 11th Street, 57 Sullivan Street, 138 Second Avenue, and 2 Oliver Street.  Hearings on each of these sites to determine if they will be granted or denied landmark status, or if they will be removed from the calendar for consideration “without prejudice,” will take place beginning in the fall.

This is exactly what GVSHP and a coalition of preservation organizations and Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer had urged the Commission to do, rather than to move ahead with their previously plan to simply remove all 95 sites from their docket en masse, which we strenuously opposed.  Late last year after a huge backlash the Commission announced they would no longer move ahead with the mass de-calendaring plan, but had not agreed to an alternative route for consideration of these sites.  GVSHP and other preservationists worked with the Manhattan Borough President to formulate an alternative plan, which the Commission has now announced they have adopted.

We are grateful that the Commission will be taking a much more transparent approach, allowing the public the opportunity to comment on each of these sites and for each to be considered on its merits.  When more information is available about the scheduling of hearings, we will let you know.


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Home : Advocacy : Landmarks De-Calendaring Issue : Latest News : 06/23/15

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