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Saving Federal Houses (1790-1835) -- GVSHP Report
The many surviving Federal houses in Lower Manhattan are a special part of the heritage of New York City. The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation has made the documentation and preservation of these houses a key part of our mission.
GVSHP has issued a new report highlighting the Society’s successful efforts to protect these structures by cataloguing nearly one hundred and fifty of them in a single document. From 1999 to the present, the Society either proposed these houses for individual landmark designation or for inclusion in historic districts, or both, or advocated for their designation.  All are now landmarked, listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places, or both.

Federal houses were built between 1790 and 1835.  The style was so named because it was the first American architectural style to emerge after the Revolutionary War.  Most were the first and only structure ever built on the land upon which they stand.  Some remain pristinely intact from over two centuries ago; others have been modified and altered to such a degree that only the most expert eye might recognize the building’s origins.  Most recently, GVSHP successfully advocated for the landmark designation of 57 Sullivan Street (1816) in the South Village, which is scheduled to be landmarked later this year.

Explore the report here.  Find out more about this charming and surprisingly ubiquitous breed of architectural survivors, and how advocacy efforts and landmark designation have helped ensured their continued preservation.

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Home : Advocacy : Federal Era Rowhouses : Latest News : 03/29/16

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