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GVSHP fights to preserve historic Fire Patrol House on W. 3rd Street

Fighting to Save Historic Fire Patrol on West 3rd Street: GVSHP has asked the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission to landmark the New York Board of Fire Underwriters Fire Patrol House #2 at 84 West 3rd Street in the South Village (click here for letter). The Fire Patrol, which is not the NY Fire Department, is an incredibly historic 200 year old institution with roots going back to Benjamin Franklin, and which predates the establishment of municipal fire departments. Nearly every city in the United States once had one, but New York City has the only such remaining patrol, and only three patrol houses remain in New York.

GVSHP became aware that the West 3rd Street fire patrol house was endangered this summer due to plans by the Board of Fire Underwriters to shutter the institution. It seems the Board is interested in cashing on these three remaining lucrative pieces of real estate, and thus intends to sell off the houses for development. GVSHP not only asked the City to consider landmark designation of the handsome West 3rd Street building, but brought the danger to the Chelsea fire patrol house at 240 West 30th Street to the attention of the local community board, which has joined us in advocating for its preservation (click here for more information).

The Board has announced its intention to end funding for the fire patrols on October 15th and shut their doors, after which point presumably the buildings will be sold off. Thus time is of the essence if we are to get the City to save these wonderful historic structures.

How To Help:

Write to the City now urging them to landmark Fire Patrol House #2 in Greenwich Village. Click here for a sample letter you can use.

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Home : Preservation : Fire Patrol : Latest News : 10/12/06

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