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Home : Advocacy : Far West Village : Hudson River Park Pier Air Rights : 11/18/16

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Preserve our Waterfront - Demand Waterfront Protections Along the Hudson

Image of massive development along the Greenwich Village waterfront which could be enabled by Hudson River Park air rights transfers without the protections GVSHP is calling for.

Following a public hearing earlier this month, the City Council will soon be voting upon the proposed Pier 40/St. John’s Terminal plan, and on the potential transfer of Hudson River Park Air Rights.  GVSHP has been strongly advocating for protections from future air rights transfers along the entire Greenwich Village waterfront.  Without this, State Legislation passed in 2013 allows another 1.3 million square feet of air rights to be transferred to the Greenwich Village waterfront and elsewhere between Chambers and 59th Street, which could lead to massive overdevelopment in the westernmost blocks of our neighborhood.

Councilmember Corey Johnson and Community Board #2 have both stated their strong support for this condition of any of the other approvals being sought here.  We are also pushing very hard to ensure that all traffic-generating ‘destination retail’ is eliminated from the proposed development.

The City Council will make the final decision about this plan.  If approved as proposed by the City and the developer, the plan would have massive negative impacts upon our neighborhood and open the door to a wave of oversized overdevelopment along our waterfront.  If the City Council simply votes it down, the developer can still move ahead with a massive and potentially even more impactful development on this site, with no protections or other mitigations we and others are seeking as part of the deal.  Such advocacy has already lead to the City finally moving ahead with landmarking the 10-block, 160-building third and final phase of GVSHP’s proposed South Village Historic District, which they resisted for over a decade.



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Home : Advocacy : Far West Village : Hudson River Park Air Rights : 11/18/16

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