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GVSHP responds to new development plans at the New School

The New School has announced plans to develop a large new building on the site of their current Albert List Academic Center, on the east side of Fifth Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets. When word (and images) of the New School’s new plans first came out, GVSHP reached out to the school’s representatives to express some concerns about the planned new design, and to urge the university to share their plans with the public and engage their neighbors in a conversation about them. Six months later, we are yet to see much progress on this front, while the school has continued to publicize their plans (see here), thus indicating they have not changed their designs or integrated concerns which have thus far been expressed to them.

GVSHP has reached out to the New School again to express with added urgency the need to respond to concerns about their design concept and meet with the community and their neighbors about their plans (see here). Because this site is not within a designated historic district and the proposed development does not appear to require zoning changes, this project will not require the public hearings and approvals that St. Vincent’s will. However, there may be some approvals needed for the use of State Dormitory Authority bonds, and GVSHP has been in close communication with our elected officials about our concerns about the project.

GVSHP will continue to monitor the project, push for appropriate changes, and notify the public about developments. If this is an issue you are particularly concerned about, please e-mail GVSHP.

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Home : Preservation : New School : Latest News : 06/08/07

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