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St. Vincent’s/Rudin Development Plan Unveiled

On Wednesday, St. Vincent’s Hospital and developers the Rudin family unveiled their initial draft plans for a new hospital and several new luxury housing developments on the current St. Vincent’s Hospital site. The plan is to tear down all eight of their current hospital buildings east of 7th Avenue, and the O’Toole Building on the west side of 7th Avenue between 12th and 13th Streets (see building information). St. Vincent’s would consolidate most of their facilities from these eight buildings into a new hospital to be built on the site of the O’Toole Building, while all their buildings east of 7th Avenue would be torn down to make way for new luxury housing by Rudin, which would help pay for the new hospital. St. Vincent’s ‘triangle site’ would not change substantially, though St. Vincent’s has said they are willing to improve its public access and aesthetics.

The plan is not yet a formal proposal; these very substantial changes must receive several hearings at the Community Board, the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC), the City Planning Commission (CPC), and the City Council, at which the public will be able to testify. The plan must be approved by the LPC, CPC, and City Council in order to move ahead. The plan has not yet been filed with any of these bodies, though St. Vincent’s/Rudin say they plan to do so later in the year.

If approved, the plan would be the largest new development in Greenwich Village in 50 years. The new hospital building on the west side of 7th Avenue would sit on a 60-75 ft. tall base, topped by an ovoid tower oriented diagonally from the northeast to the southwest corner of the site, rising to a total of 300 feet or 21 stories (plus mechanicals on top), with a small setback at the 18th floor. On the east side of the street, Rudin plans to tear down all of the existing buildings and replace them with a 21-story, 235 ft. tall (plus approx. 30 feet of mechanicals) residential building on 7th Avenue, with small setbacks, covering most of the site. The building would gradually step down on 11th and 12th Streets and would abut ten new townhouses that would be built on 11th Street and nine on 12th Street. To the east of the new rowhouses on 12th Street would be a new approximately 10 story apartment building. All together, this would include 400-500 new units of luxury housing. For perspective, St. Vincent’s Coleman Pavilion, the largest of the hospital’s current buildings (7th Avenue btw. 12th and 11th Streets) is 200 feet tall.

  • St. Vincent’s/Rudin are making additional presentations of their plan, open to the public, on Monday the 15th and Tuesday the 16th at 6:30 pm in their Cronin Auditorium, 170 West 12th Street, the 10th floor. GVSHP strongly urges you to attend these presentations to see the plan for yourself at this preliminary stage.

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Home : Preservation : St. Vincent’s : St. Vincent’s Latest News : 10/12/07

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