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St. Vincent’s/Rudin Plan — New Details and Images

Last week over 150 people attended the St. Vincent’s Community Working Group meeting about the hospital’s plan to demolish all eight of its buildings on either side of 7th Avenue between 13th and 11th Streets, and replace them with a new 330-ft. tall hospital west of 7th Avenue, and 650,000 sq. ft. of luxury residential development, including a 265 ft. tall building, on the east side of 7th Avenue. The overwhelming majority of those in attendance expressed concerns about the plan similar to those expressed by GVSHP – that the substantial increase in bulk, size, and height from the new development (which is mostly luxury housing), and the wholesale demolition of all the hospital’s current buildings (even those almost 85 years old and in context with the neighborhood), violates the character of Greenwich Village and the protections the Greenwich Village Historic District are supposed to offer, and that key elements of the plan should be reconsidered.

GVSHP has endeavored to supply clear and simple information about exactly what the plan – which would be the largest new development in Greenwich Village in fifty years – would do, and how it compares to the current conditions on the site. Please see here for our latest graphs and images, which are approximations based upon information St. Vincent’s has supplied. St. Vincent’s has not yet formally filed their plans, which must be approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, the City Planning Commission, and the City Council; we are urging that changes be made before they do so.

How To Help:

Send a letter urging changes be made to the St. Vincent's/Rudin development proposal now before it is filed with the City – visit here and be sure to send copies the elected officials listed on the bottom of the letter.

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Home : Preservation : St. Vincent’s : St. Vincent’s Latest News : 11/17/07

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