Please forward a copy to the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation at, or (fax) 212/475-9582, or 232 East 11th Street, NY NY 10003

Hon. Robert Tierney Chair, New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission
One Centre Street, 9th floor
New York, NY 10007
fax: (212) 669-7955

Dear Chair Tierney:
I urge the Landmarks Preservation Commission to support designation of 110-112 Horatio Street, the former Devoe Paint Factory .
This building was part of the Gansevoort Market Historic District proposed by the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation in 2001 but was excluded from the district which the LPC designated in 2003, and was in the Far West Village Historic District proposed in 2004 , but was excluded from the extension of the Greenwich Village Historic District which the LPC designated in response in 2006. The former Devoe Paint Factory is one of eight individual sites in the Far West Village which the LPC promised in 2005 to designate as individual landmarks; of the eight promised Far West Village individual landmark designations, the Keller Hotel at 150 Barrow Street,  the Henry Wykoff House at 159 Charles Street, and the Edwin Brooks House at 354 West 11th Street were designated in March 2007, while Westbeth, Charles Lane, and 370 and 372 West 11th Street remain, along with 110-112 Horatio Street, undesignated . 
The former Devoe Paint Factory building was built in 1883 by the distinguished architectural firm of Kimball and Wisedell and is the last building to be erected on the block by F. W. Devoe & Co. as a part of its paint and color works which encompassed most of the block from the 1870's to 1918.  Such industrial complexes historically defined the Greenwich Village waterfront, but fewer and fewer remain each day.  The building is a handsome example of the utilitarian industrial style which emerged in the 1880's and which was so prominent in the development of the Greenwich Village waterfront. 
Thank you for your continued attention to the endangered historic resources and character of the Far West Village.  I hope the Commission will move ahead with the proposed designation.




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