The Far West Village lies largely outside of the Greenwich Village and Gansevoort Market Historic Districts, and therefore currently has very little landmarking protection.

Solution:  Extend landmark protections in the Far West Village


Sites 'underbuilt' in terms of what current zoning allows are vulnerable to new, large scale development; the West Village Houses , which are also 'underbuilt' in terms of what zoning allows, may become vulnerable if the owner buys out of the Mitchell-Lama affordable housing program.  Much new development in the Far West Village has been extremely out-of-scale with its surroundings.

Soultion:  Seek zoning changes to limit development to a scale more appropriate to the Far West Village


Manufacturing Zones should not be vulnerable to new high-rise residential development, except for a new city ruling that would allow it in these locations as-of-right for the first time ever.

Solution:  Urge the City to overturn the Department of Buildings ruling