New Building proposal for 703-711 Washington/aka 145-149 Perry Street (2008)


Location of the new building


Existing Building (Washington Street, top; Perry Street, bottom)


Washington Street elevation. The building will be 77' up to the first set back, and 90' up to the penthouse level.


Washington Street streetscape with the new building

Perry St

Perry Street facade and streetscape


Rendering of the proposed new building. Other than the Landmarks approval, the building is as of right.

It will be a hotel, and will be built at a 6 FAR, which is what is allowed as of right for a commercial building

in this neighborhood.

Ground floor detail

Detail of the ground floor. The facade will be clad in a reddish terra cotta, with metal frames. The metal frames will

be an aluminum painted a light charcoal or zinc color. The metal frames will project 2-1/2" from the facade. The

windows will be recessed 9" back from the edge of the metal frame.


Section of the lower levels

Upper detail

Detail of the upper floors. The penthouse will be set back from the front of the buildings as per the zoning

regulations. There will be a butt joint glass railing just behind the cornice. The lower cornice part protrudes 12-1/2"

beyond the building and the upper part then protrudes an additional 6" beyond that.

section upper

Section of the upper floors


East elevation. This facade, which is partially visible from Perry Street, will be clad in brick, not terra cotta. The

windows will not have the metal frames around them. The facade will be plainer, as is typical of secondary facades

throughout NYC.

north elevation

North elevation. Like the east elevation, this facade is visible, but is designed to be a secondary facade. The facade

will be made of Red brick of a similar color to the terra cotta. These windows will not have the window frames

around them.

floor plan

Basement, ground floor, and 2-6 floor plans. One will enter the hotel at the corner of Washington and Perry Streets

at grade. The lobby will take up a few of the first few bays on Washington Street and the bays on Perry Street. The

lobby will be a double-height space, covering the 1st & 2nd floors.. From the lobby, one can enter the hotel's

restaurant, which will be sunk below grade 9-1/2 feet. The below grade restaurant will also have double-height ceilings,

going from the below-grade level up to the level of the 1st floor.

Floor plans

Mezzanine, 7th Floor, and roof plan. There will be rooftop terraces, but the architects claimed that the terraces will

be used solely by the suites on the penthouse and upper floors. They will not be communal terraces for the

entire building.