Drawings for proposed development at 469 West Street submitted to Board of Standards and Appeals

For all drawings:

Bulkhead El. +192.58' & 186"-9"

Roof El. +179.00' &173'-2"

Roof/15th Floor El. +165.41' & 159'-7"

8th Floor El. +89.41' & 83'-7"

Roof/4th Floor +44.08 & 38'-3"







  1. All interior partitions and exits are subject to change and require DOB approval for compliance with the NYC administrative code
  2. Unit Mix is subject to minor changes, overall floor area will not increase.
  3. Areas per floor are subject to minor changes. Overall floor area will not increase.
  4. Building envelope dimensions will not increase.
  5. Floor to floor heights may vary. Overall building height will not increase.
  6. Signage to conform with C1 district regulations.