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Hon. Patricia Lancaster

Commissioner, New York City Department of Buildings

280 Broadway

New York, NY 10007

via fax: 212/566-5575


Dear Commissioner Lancaster:

THANK YOU FOR ISSUING A STOP-WORK ORDER FOR 360 WEST 11TH STREET, 163 CHARLES STREET, AND 166 PERRY STREET – DEVELOPMENTS IN THE FAR WEST VILLAGE THAT VIOLATE THE NEW ZONING FOR THE AREA.  These actions will help prevent inappropriate work and construction in our neighborhood, and for that I thank you.

However, I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO NOW REVOKE PERMITS FOR 360 WEST 11TH STREET AND THE OTHER TWO DEVELOPMENTS AS WELL.  Because of the reports and documentation of illegal work at 360 West 11th Street, permits for that development should be revoked, the proposed 110-ft tall addition to the building should not be “grandfathered,” and the project should be forced to conform to the new zoning.  Because a sufficient amount of work was not completed on the other two developments at the time of the passage of the rezoning, as required by law, they too should have their permits revoked.  REVOCATION OF THESE PERMITS WILL ENSURE THAT THE LAW IS APPROPRIATELY ENFORCED, LAW-BREAKING IS NOT REWARDED, AND THE INTEGRITY OF THE NEW ZONING FOR THIS AREA IS PRESERVED.

The Greenwich Village community fought long and hard for a rezoning of this area.  I hope that you will ensure that this rezoning is respected and observed, and permits for construction at these sites are revoked immediately.




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