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  Re: Proposed Emergency Ventilation Plant for the 8th and 7th
Avenue Subway Lines, Mulry Square, Greenwich Village

To Whom It May Concern ,

I write to express my strong concerns about the potential environmental impacts of the proposed MTA Emergency Ventilation Plant at Mulry Square, and to urge the MTA to consider additional options and factors before making any decisions about this project.

I believe that other locations should be explored, as should the possibility of expanding the existing empty ventilation chamber within the subway to accommodate the necessary state-of-the-art fans.

Measurement of any potential environmental impacts for this project must include the following:  the impact of several years of construction from a similar recent MTA project on West 13th Street; the potential impact of huge amounts of possible construction and demolition nearby at St. Vincent’s Hospital; the impact upon traffic around an intersection which already has great traffic challenges and which must serve emergency vehicles from the nearby hospital; and the proximity of many fragile historic structures nearby which could be negatively affected by this sort of construction.  Additionally, should an above-ground structure be built, it must conform to the character of the surrounding Greenwich Village Historic District.

Due to all of these factors, the current proposal has tremendous potential for negative impacts upon the surrounding area.  These impacts should be considered and addressed, and other options considered, before the MTA moves forward with any such project in this area.




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