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John Sexton, President
New York University
70 Washington Square South, Room 1216
New York, NY  10012
via fax to 212-995-4790
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Dear President Sexton,

I write to urge you, in the strongest possible terms, to reconsider NYU’s plans to demolish the Provincetown Playhouse and Apartments at 133-139 MacDougal  Street, and to rethink other key aspects of the university’s long-term plans.

The Provincetown Playhouse is an internationally-recognized icon of American theater in the 20th century.  It is an integral part of the history of Greenwich Village and New York, and to demolish it would be a tragic mistake.  It makes especially little sense given that the building can continue to be used for theater spaces, offices, and residences, all of which the University has need for.  While it is commendable that the proposed replacement building is neither as big nor as insensitive to its context as it could be or as many recent NYU projects have been, this does not justify demolition of this historic landmark.  Demolition of the building would be especially confounding in light of recent NYU promises to “prioritize…re-use before new development” as a planning principle, and to support designation of the proposed South Village Historic District, of which the Provincetown Playhouse is a key part.

Please reconsider your plans to demolish the Provincetown Playhouse!




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