(Above) Relative sizes of the new St. Vincent's and Rudin buildings compared to the existing (see photo above right) Coleman Center.
Note: All figures are approximations based upon information provided by St. Vincent's Hospital.

View of the existing Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers complex
(please note that the color surrounding each building information/photo corresponds to location in general site plan view)

New Plan

Proposed new development - new hospital tower at left (in dark gray); new residential tower and rowhouses at right (in tan)


New Hospital Tower

Proposed new hospital tower with floorplan inset at left


Southeast view of tower
Please note that angle of view shows new hospital building at its narrowest angle while showing surrounding buildings at their widest angles. New hospital building will actually be 50% wider than Coleman Pavilion at right.


11th Street elevation of proposed new residential development with view of existing structures (shaded)


Residential Elevation

Proposed new residential tower with view of existing structures (outlined in red)


12th Street View12th Street View

Proposed new rowhouse units with existing structures (shaded) on 12th Street looking west

11th Street View

Proposed new rowhouse units with existing structures (shaded) on 11th Street looking west


NW ViewSE ViewN View

New proposed residential tower at 7th Avenue between West 11th Street and West 12th Street looking from northwest, southeast, and north


Site Plan

Site plan of new proposed residential units