April 28, 2010

Dear friend,

GVSHP is introducing a new webpage which I think you will find tremendously useful. Our new
Landmarks Application Webpage provides indispensible information about every application to the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) in Greenwich Village, NoHo, the East Village, the South Village, and the Meatpacking District which requires a public hearing, and is the first of its kind in New York. CLICK HERE to see it.

With this new webpage, you can find out critical information about current and past proposals to make changes to the exterior of a building, construct a new building, or demolish an existing building which is either landmarked or within a historic district in these neighborhoods. New proposals are added to the webpage as soon as GVSHP receives word that they have been added to the LPC’s bi-weekly public hearing agenda. The webpage will provide the address of the property, an image, a brief description of the proposed change, and the description of the property from the landmark designation report, which guides the LPC in evaluating any application for changes. The page will also provide information about when the proposal will be presented and heard at the local community board and at the LPC, so you can find out more about the proposal or testify on it if you wish.

Once these hearings have taken place, the page will provide images and a summary of the proposed changes, as well as report on any decision the Community Board or the LPC has made. The entry will be continually updated until a final decision has been rendered by the LPC, and will include information about that final decision. To learn more about our Landmarks Application Webpage or the landmarks application process it documents, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

GVSHP’s Landmarks Application Webpage therefore allows you to both check on new applications in the neighborhood, to see if any are of interest to you, and to look through past applications to see how they were decided by the LPC (the page currently includes applications from over the past year). The page will also allow you to search by address, date of hearing, historic district, or type of application, including storefront, rooftop addition, new building, or front stoop.

Our new Landmarks Application Webpage is part of GVSHP’s ongoing effort to educate about our neighborhood’s history and built environment, and to involve the public in the planning and preservation process. You might also want to check out some of the other great information we have available on our resources page, which includes maps and information about landmarks and historic districts in our neighborhoods, virtual tours, funding resources for property owners, and oral histories from Village preservation pioneers.

Enjoy this new resource, and please spread the word!


Andrew Berman
Executive Director

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