Dear Friend,

This year, GVSHP’s 30th anniversary, has been a momentous one. Thanks to your support we’ve scored some incredible victories, but there’s much more to do in the coming year.

That’s why I am asking you to consider a year-end contribution to GVSHP to help ensure we can continue our success and do even more in 2011.

Here is just some of what GVSHP accomplished this year:

But there is MUCH MORE to do in the coming year:

  • Continue the fight against NYU's massive expansion plan, and push for the university to seek alternative locations for new development such as the Financial District.
  • Push for landmark designation of the remainder of the South Village, especially in light of the recent announcement by the Children’s Aid Society to pursue sale of its buildings.
  • Push the city and City Council to follow through on commitments to rezone the Hudson Square area, where 40+ story buildings are currently allowed, and to prevent abuses of zoning protections such as the Trump SoHo ‘Condo-Hotel’
  • Pursue landmark and historic district designations for the East Village, which is woefully lacking in such protections.
  • Continue to demand promised expanded landmark protections in the Far West Village.

  • Secure final landmark designation for Westbeth.

  • Monitor plans for the St. Vincent’s Hospital site, to ensure it is not simply sold off to the highest bidder for development.
  • Get the city to agree to rezone the Bowery, to preserve the thoroughfare’s character and prevent out-of-scale development
  • Push for measures to help promote and preserve small businesses and small theaters in our neighborhoods, which have been increasingly threatened
  • Meet the growing public demand for the resources GVSHP provides by making more historic data, images, and interviews available through our website, increasing the number of public programs we provide, and increasing the number of student served by our Children’s Education program

It will take a lot of work to respond to these challenges, and to build on our successes of the last year.

That’s why I would like to ask you to consider making a year-end contribution to GVSHP, to help ensure we can undertake and succeed in these and other important initiatives. Just go to to make a contribution.

Best wishes for the holiday season and for a joyous New Year.


Andrew Berman
Executive Director


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