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An End of Year Gift from Village Preservation!

Dear friend:

What is it about the Village, the East Village, and NoHo that attracts people from all over the world? Is it the inherent charm of the beautiful architecture? Is it the neighborhood cafes and restaurants that are so inviting? Is it the theater, dance, and arts that entice? Could it be the unconventional streets, where the grid and numbered streets and avenues fall away?

You can still hear jazz coming out of the windows and doors of clubs, catch a game of chess, see an art film, get a cheap haircut, find the best pizza in New York, or get truly lost in the big city. Indeed, there may be more culture per square foot here than any other place on earth. Our neighborhoods are simply like no others, full of some of the most varied history and beautiful architectural styles. 

Village Preservation is here to ensure that our neighborhoods continue to be these places of wonder, and that even when you're lost, you can still see the sky. That is our mission. 

Your end of year gift to Village Preservation is so important to our future. Together, let’s preserve and celebrate communities that continue to nurture justice, history, beauty, and individuality. Make your donation today.

And please enjoy our gift to you: wallpaper for your computer created especially for Village Preservation by illustrator Elvis Swift! It's our way of celebrating with you how unique and wonderful our neighborhoods are! Find the wallpaper here for Mac, and here and here for PC. 


Lannyl Stephens
Director of Development

PS: In case you need some assistance installing your new computer wallpaper, we've included instructions here for Mac and here for PC.


For Mac



For PC



For PC



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Home : Support : An End of Year Gift from Village Preservation!

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