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Re: Opposition to Intro. 623, Advertising on Sidewalk Sheds

Dear Council Member,

I write to urge you to oppose Intro. 623, the sidewalk shed billboard bill.

Intro. 623 would not only expand the presence of advertising billboards on city streets and in our neighborhoods, it would also exacerbate the problem of sidewalk sheds (scaffolding) remaining up longer than necessary.  This will not only have an enormously negative impact upon our neighborhoods, it will have an enormously negative impact upon the businesses located underneath these sidewalk sheds, many of whom are doing everything they can just to hang on during these trying economic times.

The Department of Buildings is currently unable to respond to most complaints about illegal sidewalk sheds or billboards; with the budget cuts to city agencies during the current economic crisis, this problem will only get worse. Providing an incentive for more illegal billboards and more sidewalk sheds staying up longer than necessary is exactly the wrong thing right now for our neighborhoods, for our city, and for our small businesses.

The argument that Intro. 623 will bring in some revenue for the City does not make much sense when one considers the damage it will do at the same time. I strongly urge you to oppose this bill.

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Home : Preservation : Illegal Billboards : Sidewalk Sheds Sample Letter

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