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Save East Village Landmarks!

(l.) 258-266 East 7th Street; (r.) 112-120 East 11th Street

We have been extremely disappointed that the Mayor and the Chair of the Landmarks Preservation Commission have gone back on prior commitments and evaluations and refused to protect from demolition historic East Village buildings which had been determined landmark eligible in 2008. These buildings – an 1842 house at 264 East 7th Street (Avenues C & D) and a set of Beaux-Arts ca. 1888 tenements at 112-120 East 11th Street (3rd/4th Avenues) now face demolition.  Nothing has changed about the condition or historic significance of these buildings since the Landmarks Preservation Commission found them worthy of landmark designation eight years ago, except who the Mayor is, and who the owners of the properties are – in one case, a major political ally of and campaign contributor to the Mayor

GVSHP has staged demonstrations to save both sites, and been joined by neighbors, preservationists, elected officials, and organized labor, who are upset that the 11th Street hotel project involves companies with a history of using non-union and/or dangerous labor.  Yet the Mayor and the LPC have refused to budge, refusing to move ahead with considering these sites for landmark designation and granting approvals for demolition.

Recent demonstrations at (l.) 264 East 7th Street and (r.) 112-120 East 11th Street

Though in 2008 and 2010 we were able to help get contextual rezoning for nearly the entire neighborhood, and in 2012 we were able to help increase tenfold the amount of historic district protections, the East Village, one of our city’s most historic neighborhoods, remains woefully under-represented in terms of landmark protections.  The Mayor and the LPC Chair’s actions only exacerbate this problem. 

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Home : Advocacy : East Village : Latest News : 11/18/16

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