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"Landmarks Bill Would Be Historic Blunder"

That’s how The Villager described the reaction by hundreds who turned out at City Hall last week for the hearing on the real estate industry-backed, anti-preservation Intro. 775Real Estate Weekly said “Landmarks plan finds few friends at City Hall.”  Read all about it here and here, or see for yourself – video of the entire hearing is now available here (for GVSHP’s testimony and back-and-forth with the bill’s chief sponsors, go to 3:37:30 and 3:50:20).

We have tremendous momentum on our side – GVSHP has generated more than
70,000 letters to City Councilmembers and other elected officials in opposition to Intro. 775, and scores of community and preservation groups from across the city have signed on to a letter from GVSHP and fellow preservation groups to the City Council in opposition to the bill.

The bill’s chief sponsors have made clear that they are now considering amendments to the bill.  But it’s critical that we make clear that window dressing changes will not do, and that ANY bill which contains the incredibly damaging elements of the current Intro. 775 is unacceptable.
  GVSHP has already written to the bill’s chief sponsor to this effect, and has urged fellow preservation organizations to do the same.




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Home : Preservation : Intro 775 : Latest News : 09/18/15

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