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MTA Mulry Sq. plan even worse than before

Earlier this month the MTA presented revised plans for its emergency ventilation plant at Mulry Square, at the intersection of Greenwich Avenue and 7th Avenue South. GVSHP had been critical of prior iterations of the plan, which involves construction on what is now a parking lot on the triangular site, because the MTA has never fully explained why the structure must be built at this sensitive location, or why it cannot be built entirely below ground, which was originally presented as an option by the MTA. 

Adding insult to injury, the proposed design for the building has actually gone from bad to worse, with a “faux-historic” facade which would hang off of a concrete bunker-like structure underneath. Additionally, the MTA would leave the corner of the site as open space, but will supply absolutely no plantings, seating, or other materials to make the space usable by the public. While the MTA has solicited input from the public for the project, they have ignored all suggestions made by GVSHP, and virtually everyone else.

While the site of the proposed project is within the Greenwich Village Historic District, the MTA is exempt from regulation by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. However, the project will come under the review of the NY State Historic Preservation Office. GVSHP will certainly weigh in on that process and let you know how you can do the same.

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Home : Preservation : Mulry Square MTA Ventilation Plant : Latest News : 05/24/10

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