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NYU to hold another Open House on future development

On Wednesday the 23rd from 5 to 7 P.M. NYU will be holding an ‘Open House’ to display the final recommendations of their architects and consultants for options for the University's growth and development over the next 25 years. It is CRITICAL that you  join GVSHP in attending this event to find out more about what NYU is planning, to provide NYU with feedback about their plans, and to ensure there is a strong turnout so that the university, government officials, and the press know how many people are concerned about NYU’s expansion plans in our neighborhood.

Background: NYU has agreed to a set of “Planning Principles” with various elected officials, Community Boards, and community groups (such as GVSHP) to guide and limit their future growth in our neighborhood, and has begun a more transparent process for planning for their future. However, GVSHP is already very concerned about the direction NYU has been moving in and whether they are in fact honoring their commitments. Among the most important principles NYU agreed to are: prioritizing finding locations outside our neighborhood to accommodate future growth; attempting to re-use buildings rather than undertake new development; and sustaining local retail. And yet NYU is already limiting the locations outside our neighborhood they are considering for future growth, while they are rapidly moving ahead with plans for massive new development in our neighborhood, demolishing historic buildings, and displacing neighborhood retail. Additionally, while NYU has claimed that they expect their growth over the next 25 years in our neighborhood to be much more modest than in recent years, analysis by GVSHP shows that NYU’s projected growth in our neighborhood over the next 25 years is equal to all of the new buildings they have added over the last 40 years COMBINED, or the equivalent of twenty more of the new 26-story dorms they have just built on East 12th Street


Come to the ‘NYU 2031’ Open House next Wednesday the 23rd from 5 to 7 pm to Hemmerdinger Hall, 100 Washington Square East, and join GVSHP in letting NYU know that they MUST abide by the ‘planning principles’ they have agreed to, and they must limit their new development in our neighborhood, seek alternate locations, and preserve historic buildings and local retail.

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Home : Preservation : NYU : Latest News : 04/17/08

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