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Critical Hearing 4/25

NYU 2031PLEASE ATTEND THE CITY PLANNING COMMISSION’S PUBLIC HEARING ON NYU’S MASSIVE PROPOSED VILLAGE EXPANSION PLAN TOMORROW BEGINNING AT 10 AM AT THE MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN, 1 BOWLING GREEN.  This will be their ONLY public hearing before voting on the plan by mid-June.  The City Planning Commission and the City Council are the two bodies which MUST approve the plan in order for it to go forward; your attendance is particularly important in light of Borough President Stringer’s recommendation of APPROVAL of the plan last week.


  • CLICK HERE for a flyer with directions and instructions

  • CLICK HERE for sample testimony and instructions

  • Forward this e-mail to friends and neighbors and urge them to come!

NYU 2031The most helpful thing you can do tomorrow is attend and testify urging the Commissioners to vote ‘NO’ on the NYU plan.  To do so will likely require staying at the hearing for several hours – the Commission will hear other items before commencing the NYU hearing, but the earlier you sign up the earlier you will be called to speak.  However, even if you do not testify, your presence at the hearing, wearing a sticker GVSHP will provide showing your opposition to the NYU plan, will have an impact.  Even if you leave before you are called to speak, signing up to speak in opposition helps send a strong message.

NYU’s massive expansion plan would shoehorn 2.5 million square feet of space – the equivalent of the Empire State Building – into the blocks south of Washington Square.  It would destroy public open space, eliminate long-standing neighborhood zoning protections, and overturn agreements under which NYU was given public land in the first place.  It would be the largest development in the Village’s history. To find out more, CLICK HERE.

We hope to see you tomorrow at the hearing.

You can view images and coverage of Friday’s rally against the NYU plan HERE and HERE.

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Home : Preservation : NYU : Latest News : 04/24/12

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