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Today: Call the City Council — Tell Them to Reject the NYU Plan!

Today is a critical day as we count down to the City Council's hearing on NYU's massive proposed Village Expansion Plan.

GVSHP and dozens of groups are asking you to call City Councilmembers, and tell them to VOTE NO on the NYU plan.

NYU’s plan is not only bad for the Village — it’s bad for NYU, and bad for NYC. There are better alternatives. And it would require gobbling up precious public park land and violating long-standing agreements under which NYU was given public land years ago.

Just scroll down or click HERE for a list of City Councilmembers, their phone numbers, and what to say.

If the lines are busy — KEEP TRYING!  It just means we’re getting through with  lots of calls.

And don’t forget — this Friday, come to the rally on the steps of City Hall at 8:30 am and the City Council public hearing at 9:30 am, and tell the Council to ‘VOTE NO’!  If you haven’t already, please send letters HERE.

PLEASE MAKE THE CALLS TODAY (you can call in the coming days as well), and please pass this along to friends and neighbors, and ask them to call.   

Thanks for making the calls, and we hope to see you on Friday at City Hall.

SAMPLE SCRIPT: “My name is _________ and I am calling because I am strongly opposed to the NYU expansion plan the City Council will be voting on. Who should I speak to about this?     
NYU's plan would overwhelm and oversaturate the Village. Neighborhood residents and NYU’s own faculty are against it. It would give public park space to NYU in a park-starved neighborhood. It would allow NYU to build on formerly public land that was given to them on the condition that this type of development could never take place. There are better alternatives like the Financial District for NYU’s expansion that they are refusing to consider. It would be wrong for the City Council to approve this plan.”   


PLEASE CALL CITY COUNCILMEMBERS URGING THEM TO REJECT THE NYU EXPANSION PLAN. They are ranked in the order of importance for you to call; call all fifty-one if you can.

Your own City Councilmember — search below for contact info or CLICK HERE if you don’t know who your Councilmember is.

Councilmember Margaret Chin: 212-587-3159

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn: 212-788-7210

Councilmember Rosie Mendez: 212-677-1077

Zoning Subcommittee Chair Mark Weprin: 718-468-0137

Land Use Committee Chair Leroy Comrie: 212-788-7084

Zoning Subcommittee Members:

  • Councilmember Daniel Garodnick :  212-788-7393

  • Councilmember Vincent Ignizio:  718-984-5151

  • Councilmember Robert Jackson:  212-928-1322

  • Councilmember Jessica Lappin:  212-980-1808

  • Councilmember Diana Reyna:  718-963-3141

  • Councilmember Joel Rivera:  718-842-8100

  • Councilmember Larry Seabrook:  718-994-9900

  • Councilmember James Vacca: 718-931-1721 

  • Councilmember Albert Vann:  212-788-7354

Other Land Use Committee Members:

  • Councilmember Maria Del Carmen Arroyo: 718-402-6130

  • Councilmember Charles Barron: 718-649-9495

  • Councilmember Inez Dickens: 212-788-7397 or 212-788-7398

  • Councilmember Sara Gonzalez: 718-439-9012

  • Councilmember Daniel Halloran: 718-631-6703

  • Councilmember Peter Koo: 718-888-8747

  • Councilmember Brad Lander: 718-499-1090

  • Councilmember Stephen Levin: 718-875-5200 or 212-788-7348

  • Councilmember Annabel Palma: 718-792-1140

  • Councilmember James Sanders: 718-527-4356

  • Councilmember Jumaane Williams: 718-629-2900

All other City Councilmembers:

  • Councilmember Gale Brewer: 212-873-0282

  • Councilmember Melissa Mark-Viverito: 212-828-9800

  • Councilmember Ydanis Rodriguez: 917-521-2616

  • Councilmember Daniel Dromm: 718-803-6373

  • Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer: 718-383-9566

  • Councilmember Letitia James: 718-260-9191

  • Councilmember Fernando Cabrera: 347-590-2874

  • Councilmember Elizabeth Crowley: 718-366-3900

  • Councilmember Erik Martin Dilan: 718-642-8664

  • Councilmember Mathieu Eugene: 212-788-7352

  • Councilmember Julissa Ferreras: 718-651-1917

  • Councilmember Lewis Fidler: 718-241-9330

  • Councilmember Helen Foster: 718-588-7500

  • Councilmember James Gennero: 718-217-4969

  • Councilmember Vincent Gentile: 718-748-5200

  • Councilmember David Greenfield: 718-853-2704

  • Councilmember G. Oliver Koppell: 718-549-7300

  • Councilmember Karen Koslowitz: 718-544-8800

  • Councilmember Darlene Mealy: 718-953-3097

  • Councilmember Michael Nelson: 718-368-9176

  • Councilmember James Oddo: 718-980-1017

  • Councilmember Domenic Recchia: 718-373-9673

  • Councilmember Deborah Rose: 718-556-7370

  • Councilmember Eric Ulrich: 718-738-1083

  • Councilmember Peter Vallone: 718-274-4500

  • Councilmember Ruben Willis: 718-206-2068

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