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NYU Behind Starbucks Proliferation, Small Business Loss

Brad's (l.), a local coffeehouse, operated at Waverly Place and Mercer Street for years, Now a Starbucks (r.) has replaced it at the site.

GVSHP was extremely disturbed to discover that the ground floor retail space in the NYU-owned building at 10 Waverly Place (at Mercer Street), which for years was the home of Brad’s, a local independent coffeehouse, was quickly converted to yet another Starbucks. There are literally scores of Starbucks within walking distance of the site, and even several others within NYU buildings in the vicinity.  

This is particularly troubling as NYU begins work on their wildly unpopular, broadly opposed twenty-year expansion plan. The university’s administration has long faced criticism for thoughtlessly pursuing policies and developments harmful to the Village’s character and diminishing of its diversity of uses and activities. Unfortunately, this latest action, replacing a local businesses with Manhattan’s most rapidly proliferating and ubiquitous chain business, only further reinforces that trend.

Read our very recent blog post written when the Starbucks construction first appeared at 10 Waverly.

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Home : Preservation : NYU : Latest News : 09/14/16

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