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Advocating for Small Business, Against Chain Proliferation

GVSHP and other community groups testified at City Hall calling for zoning protections for small businesses and a vote on the Small Business Jobs Survival Act.

Last Friday GVSHP was joined by community groups from across the city for a hearing at the New York City Council about promoting retail diversity and preserving neighborhood character.  This was an important opportunity to impress upon the Council and other city officials a multitude of actions which could be considered to help with the increasingly difficult environment for small businesses across the city and the increasing homogenization of our retail landscape due to chain store proliferation.  Read our testimony here.

GVSHP emphasized two approaches:  1) exploring zoning measures that would limit or prohibit chain stores in certain parts of the city or on certain streets to allow independent businesses more opportunity to flourish, and 2) finally scheduling a vote on the Small Business Jobs Survival Act, a bill which would help small businesses negotiate fair lease renewals with landlords and remain in their spaces if they are able.  In spite of having support from a majority of City Councilmembers, a vote on the bill has never been allowed, and Mayor de Blasio has refused to say if he supports the legislation. 

In addition to pushing for these measures, GVSHP regularly works to support our small businesses through our Business of the Month program, which highlights and spreads the word about a valued and unique local independent business, and through our Annual Village Awards, which also celebrates and highlights local businesses, institutions, people, and places.


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Home : Advocacy: Supporting Small Businesses : 10/4/16

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