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St. Vincent’s / Rudin Revelopment Plans

Public Hearing on Rudin Plan for ‘Preservation’ of Reiss Building
  on West 12th Street 04/05/12
City Council Approves Condo Upzoning for St. Vincent’s East
  Campus 03/19/12
Hundreds Left Out in the Cold At Final City Council St.
  Vincent’s/Rudin Hearing 03/07/12
Rudin/St. Vincent’s Public Hearing Set for Mar. 6 at 9:30 am
Hold the Date: City Council Rudin/St. Vincent’s Hearing
  March 6 (?) 02/27/12
City Planning Commission Approves Rudin Condo Plan for St.
  Vincent’s, Sending Application to City Council 01/24/12
Deadline for Comments on Rudin/St. Vincent’s Plan Approaches
City Planning Commission hearing on St. Vincent’s Rezoning
St. Vincent’s Triangle Park Design Public Hearing 11/08/11
Community Board #2 Vote Oct. 20th on St. Vincent’s/Rudin Plan
Important Upcoming Hearings on Rudin/St. Vincent’s
  Development 09/30/11
St. Vincent’s/Rudin Rezoning Hearing September 15th 09/14/11
Community Board Meeting on St. Vincent’s Triangle Park
St. Vincent’s/Rudin Development Scoping 06/29/11
St. Vincent’s Rezoning Application Moves Forward 05/31/11
St. Vincent’s Announcement About Future of Hospital Campus
Hospital closure and St. Vincent’s development plans 04/13/10
Rudin/St. Vincent’s plans in doubt 01/29/10
Rudin/St. Vincent’s environmental review begins 12/10/09
St. Vincent’s/Rudin environmental review hearing Tues., Dec. 8
Legal challenge to ‘hardship’ finding; Rezoning/land use review
  process begins 11/17/09
Landmarks approves St. Vincent’s/Rudin plan 07/09/09
Revised Rudin/St. Vincent’s plan to be presented 06/08/09
St. Vincent’s/Rudin update 05/14/09
St. Vincent’s/Rudin meetings 05/05/09
Landmarks approves St. Vincent’s hospital tower 03/18/09
Next St. Vincent’s/Rudin landmarks hearing March 10th 03/04/09
LPC public meeting on new hospital 12/18/08
Next LPC public meeting on St. Vincent’s application on
  December 16th, 2008 12/02/08
LPC Approves St. Vincent’s hardship application 10/28/08
LPC meeting on revised plans 09/22/08
Final public hearing on revised plans 07/11/08
LPC hearing on revised plans 06/03/08
Revised plans for hospital/condo development 05/19/08
St. Vincent’s to file a hardship appeal 05/13/08
LPC rejects St. Vincent’s proposal 05/06/08
Huge turnout for second LPC hearing 04/16/08
Reminder: Part two of LPC hearing coming up 04/11/08
Come to part two of the LPC hearing! 04/04/08
Strong opposition at LPC hearing yesterday 04/01/08
Upcoming LPC hearing details 03/29/08
Come to the first St. Vincent’s LPC hearing! 03/24/08
Date/time set for St. Vincent’s LPC hearing 03/14/08
Over 500 people attend St. Vincent’s public hearing 02/26/08
Come to the second St. Vincent’s public hearing! 02/19/08
Take the new St. Vincent’s community survey 02/04/08
Overwhelming attendance at CB2 St. Vincent’s hearing 01/23/08
Public hearing on St. Vincent’s / Rudin plans 01/09/08
Save the date for St. Vincent’s public hearing 12/27/07
Community Working Group meets again 12/17/07
St. Vincent’s / Rudin plan — New details and images 11/17/07
St. Vincent’s / Rudin plan public meeting 11/09/07
GVSHP responds to St. Vincents / Rudin development plan 10/22/07
St. Vincent’s / Rudin development plan unveiled 10/12/07
GVSHP responds to big new development plans by St. Vincent’s
  Hospital 06/08/07

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Home : Preservation : St. Vincent’s : Latest News

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