Block 604B


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Former U.S. Appraiser's Warehouse for the Customs Service of the Treasury Department/former U.S. Federal Building/former National Archives Building/now The Archives Apartments


Lot:  33

Address:  150 Christopher St. (also 660 Greenwich St., 112-116 Barrow St., 641 Washington St.)

Completed:  1898

Architect:  Willoughby J. Edbrooke

Original Owner:  U.S. Treasury Department

Original Use:  Warehouse

Designated New York City Landmark, 1966, altered to apartments, 1987.  For more than a quarter century, all imported goods coming into NY requiring examination by customs appraisers went through this building.  1932, other uses introduced by federal gov't, came to be known as the US Federal Bldg.  1938, altered for US Post Office Substation and Federal Archives, facade nearly intact.  Along with Shepherd Warehouse and Tower Warehouse, formed a mighty triumvirate of Romanesque industrial monuments in the Far West Village.