Block 631


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Lot:  1001-1002

Address:  708-712 Greenwich St.

N.B.:  195 - 3/9/1909

Completed:  1909

Architects:  Moore and Laudsiedel

Original Owners:  Teichman Engineering and Construction Co.

Original Use:  Warehouse

1912 (Alt. #2210): extended 25 ft. north and raised to 6 stories from 4. 1978 (Alt. #107): with southern lot, converted into a multiple dwelling.





Lot:  1001-1002

Address:  704-706 Greenwich St.

N.B.:  682 - 11/11/1892

Completed:  1893

Architect:  Julius Munckwirz

Original Owners:  S. Adler and H. S. Herrman

Original Use:  livery stable

1975 (Alt. #1000): converted into a disco. 1978 (Alt. #107): combined with northern lot into a multiple dwelling.





Lot:  1

Address:  277 W. 10th St.

N.B.:  784 - 6/22/1894

Completed:  1896

Architect:  Martin V. B. Ferdon

Original Owner:  James Everard

Original Use:  warehouse

Built in 1894, this mighty Romanesque structure forms, along with the Tower Warehouse and the Archives Building, an imposing triumvirate of industrial structures in the Far West Village.  Carefully converted to apartments thirty years ago, this and other industrial buildings remained the most visually prominent structures in the Far West Village until the recent arrival of high-rise towers in the area.  1974 (Alt. #303): converted into multiple dwelling and named Shepard House.






(l. to r.) 273, 271, and 269 West 10th Street


Lot:  27

Address:  273 W. 10th St.

N.B.:  686 - 11/14/1878

Completed:  1879

Architect:  Robert Mook

Original Owner:  Walter Wood

Original Use:  multiple dwelling

Except for minor modifications to the doorway, a nearly perfectly intact 1879 tenement façade.  1928 (Alt. #1943): Center doorway shortened, interior partitions erected and relocated, installation of new doors and plumbing.


Lot: 26

Address:  271 W. 10th St.

N.B.:  771- 12/29/1910

Completed:  1911

Architect:  Charles H. Richter

Original Owner:  David Nangle

Original Use:  stable with dwelling above

1967 (Alt. #1053): converted into garage with offices above. 1976 (Alt. #522): altered to multiple dwelling with 1-car garage. New windows and doors installed.


Lot 25

Address:  269 W. 10th Street

Completed:  1836

Original Owner:  Hannah Jenkins

Original Use:  Dwelling

The cornice has been removed and the façade faced with a brick veneer, but lintels and other details from the façade of this very early house remain intact.





Lot:  24

Address:  702 Greenwich Street

N.B.:  133 – 6/4/1937

Completed:  1937

Original Owner:  80-82 Carmine Street corp.

Original Use:  Trucking, Storage, and garage




Lot:  18

Address:  714 Greenwich St.

N.B.:  1376 - 9/22/1888

Completed:  1889

Architect:  Frederick Weber

Owner:  Charles Kyritz

Original Use:  multiple dwelling

1941 (Alt. #2935): stoop removed, present steps installed. Lintels may have been modified.







Lot:  17

Address:  128 Charles St. (also 716-718 Greenwich St.)

N.B.:  53 - 1/29/1881

Completed:  1881

Architect:  William Jose

Original Owner:  Frederick Steinle

Original Use:  multiple dwelling with stores below

Charles St. storefront and fire-escapes are unusually decorative and are original. Greenwich St. storefront and fire-escapes have been modified.  Unusual rounded, chamfered corner and stone streets sign at upper floor.





Building Name:  Levi Springsteen House

Lot:  16

Address:  130 Charles St.

Completed:  1853

Original Owner:  Levi Springsteen

Original Use:  Dwelling

Originally a rooming house. 1927 (Alt. #65): converted to apartments. 1964 (Alt. #358): converted to single-family dwelling. 1981 (B.N. 1741): completely renovated.  Unusual for its double-width façade and trapezoidal shape, conforming to unusual lot configuration – a reflection of the rhomboid blocks of the Far West Village.





Lot:  15

Address:  132 Charles St.

Completed:  1820

Original Owners:  Paeter Parsells and Matthew Armstrong

Original Use:  Dwelling

Oldest surviving structure in the waterfront area; one of few remaining woodframe houses in Manhattan. Façade stuccoed.





Lot:  13

Address: 134-136 Charles St.

N.B.:  647 - 10/18/1911

Completed:  1912

Architects:  Van Vleck and Goldsmith

Original Owners:  American Railway Supply Co.

Original Use: Factory

1948 (Alt. #1190): "made 'uniformly two stories and cellar.'" 1965 (Alt. #663): converted into an art gallery. Third story added ca. 1988.


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