Block 632


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Lot:  6

Address:  695-697 Washington St.

N.B.:  329 - 5/9/910

Completed:  1910

Architect:  Arthur M. Duncan

Original Owners:  The Fleischman Co.

Original Use:  factory

1921 (Alt. #2316): 2 stories added to the original 2 story building raising it to the current four stories. 1978 (Alt. #815): converted to residential use as a multiple dwelling.  Includes enclosed yard to north of building at corner of Perry.





Lot:  3

Address:  689-693 Washington St.

N.B.:  7 - 2/23/79

Completed:  1979

Original Owners:  693 Townhee Inc.

Original Use:  3-family dwelling

These three houses were built to approximate in look a simplified court of Village townhouses.






Lot:  17

Address:  726-736 Greenwich St. (also 122-130 Perry St.)

N.B.:  538 - 6/15/1897

Completed:  1898

Architect:  Gilbert A. Schellenger

Original Owner:  Thomas McLaughlin

Original Use:  Warehouse

1974 (Alt. #1414): converted to multiple dwelling known as the Towers Apartments. One of the great industrial monuments of the Far West Village, and along with the Shepherd Warehouse and the Archives Building, part of a unique collection of striking Neo-Romanesque edifices.  The bold arches at the base are echoed in the crenelated cornice.  Originally known as the Towers Warehouse. 1974 (Alt. #1414): converted to multiple dwelling known as the Towers Apartments. Virtually all original exterior details intact.


Lot:  17

Address:  720 Greenwich St. (also 127 Charles St.)

N.B.:  1218 - 6/18/1901

Completed:  1902

Architect:  James B. Baker

Original Owner:  Henry J. Sloan

Original Use:  Warehouse

Erected as an annex to 720 Greenwich St; though by a different architect, it continues the same bold design and details. 1974 (Alt. #1414): converted to multiple dwelling known as the Towers Apartments.  Virtually all original exterior details intact.





Lot:  34

Address:  139-141 Charles St.

N.B.:  66 - 4/12/1955

Completed:  1955

Architect:  Sidney Daub

Original Owners:  30th and 9th Corp.

Original Use:  Garage for more than 5 motor vehicles, auto repair shop and trucking terminal.





Lot:  31

Address:  135 Charles St.

N.B.:  1996 - 11/21/1895

Completed:  1897

Architect:  John DuFais

Original Owner:  The City of New York

Original Use:  police station

Built in 1897 just before the consolidation of Greater New York, this surprisingly grand civic monument (built to house a local police precinct station), displayed the City Beautiful aspirations of a metropolis emerging as a world capitol.  Part of a wave of residential conversions in the area following the groundbreaking Westbeth conversion, the building was meticulously restored in 1977.  1977 (Alt. #138): converted into apartments.






Lot:  30

Address:  131 Charles St.

Completed:  1834

Original Owner:  David Christie

Original Use:  Dwelling

Designated an individual New York City landmark in 1966, this is considered to be one of the finest surviving federal houses in New York City.  1889: rear stable added.





Lot:  29

Address:  129 Charles St.

N.B.:  388 - 4/28/1897

Completed:  1897

Architect:  Henry Andersen

Original Owner:  Herman Thalman

Original Use:  Stable with 1-family dwelling above

1950 (Alt. #122): already converted into a garage and metal shop. 1972 (Alt. #796): altered to offices and dwelling with new facade. Cornice missing; no record.






Lot:  13

Address:  132-136 Perry St.

N.B.:  Alt. #2353 - 10/10/1923

Completed:  1923/2002

Architect:  Robert D. Cohn and Frank E. Vitolo

Original Owners:  Seeman Brothers Co.

Original Use:  garage/residential

1923 (Alt. #2353) roof raised one story and pitched, new fašade./2002 high-rise tower added and third story of fašade altered






Lot:  10

Address:  140-144 Perry St.

N.B.:  277 - 7/1/1908

Completed:  1909

Architect:  Arthur M. Duncan

Original Owners:  The Fleischman Co.

Original Use:  Stable

1931 (Alt. #455): fire escape installed, original windows removed, fireproof doors and windows installed.  1996 -- building converted to residential use. New windows installed and ground floor bays altered.






Washington Street elevation


Lot:  1

Address:  685-687 Washington St. (also 145 Charles St.)

N.B.:  6 - 1/9/1937

Completed:  1937

Architects:  Martine and Wilson

Original Owners:  T. D. Construction Corp.

Original Use:  truck depot, storage and office

Converted to commercial space in the late 1980's, large plate glass has replaced the original truck bays.


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