Block 636B


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West 10th Street fašade (top); Charles Street fašade (bottom)


Lot:  70

Address:  150-168 Charles St.  (also 287-303 W. 10th St.)

N.B.:  194 - 12/31/1937

Completed:  1938

Architect:  David Levy

Original Owner:  Beadleston and Woerz Inc.

Original Use:  storage and office

1956 (Alt. #80): fourth story added.





Lot:  49

Address:  403-404 West St.   (also 170 Charles St.)

Completed:  1852 as two buildings

Original Owner:  Ebenezer H. Pray

Original Use:  2 dwellings with stores below

1890 (Alt. #2082): previously combined for use as a storage warehouse and being converted into a livery stable. 1923 (Alt. #34): converted into a garage. 1939 (Alt. #423): ground floor converted into a tire repair shop and upper floors as tire storage. 1990's -- upper floors converted to residences and facades altered, windows elongated and combined.





Lot:  46

Address:  401-402 West St.

N.B.:  Alt. #1962 - 9/29/1947

Completed:  1947-50

Architect:  John B. Snook and Sons

Original Owner:  Continental Marine Repairs

Original Use:  machine shop

1947 (Alt. #1962): lots 46 and 47 combined, new front added.





Lot:  45

Address:  400 West St.

N.B.:  Alt. #1379 - 8/14/1945

Completed:  1946

Architect:  Richard Shutkind

Original Owner:  Newman Realty Corp.

Original Use:  machine repair shop

Alt. # 1379 - 8/14/1945  Under this alteration, a 3 story brick building was reduced to a 1-story building with mezzanine and given the present brick fašade.





Lot:  44

Address:  399 West Street

Completed:  ca. 1999

Original Use:  residence






Lot:  43

Address:  398 West St.

Completed:  1832

Original Owner:  Isaac Amerman

Original Use:  dwelling with shop below

1916 (Alt. #2884): ground floor fašade removed, iron girders and new storefront installed. 1967 (Alt. #1327): ground floor converted to restaurant. Though the ground floor has been altered, this is a largely intact early 19th century federal style house.





Lot:  41

Address:  396-397 West St. (also 305 W. 10th St.)

N.B.:  162 - 3/12/1903

Completed:  1904

Architect:  Charles Stegmayer

Original Owner:  Albert Adler

Original Use:  hotel

Former Holland Hotel .  Ground floor fašade has been altered, but nearly all details above ground floor and original corner cast-iron column remain intact.  One of the most impressive, and diminutive, of the Greenwich Village waterfront seamen's hotels.