Block 641


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Lot:  10 and 13

Address:  124-132 Jane St.

Completed:  1899

Architect:  August H. Blankenstein

Original Owner:  John D. Haas

Original Use:  Factory

1898 (Alt. #1898): 2 prior buildings gutted by a fire in 1891 were combined, repaired, and given a new uniform fašade. 1978 (Alt. #630): ground floor altered to accommodate conversion to a multiple dwelling.




Lot:  31

Address:  393-397 W. 12th St.

N.B.:  194 - 3/10/1897

Completed:  1897

Architect:  Stephenson and Greene

Original Owner:  Mary E. Gregory

Original Use:  lead foundry

1907 (Alt. #1473): converted to stable. 1946 (Alt. #1653): converted to freight terminal, garage and manufacturing




Lot:  28

Address:  387-391 W. 12th St.

Completed:  1856

Original Owner:  George D. Cragin

Original Use:  Factory

Originally a factory, sometime before 1892 it came to be used as a stable, and in that year (Alt. #745) a blacksmith's shop was installed. 1921 (Alt. #2012): doorways enlarged. Prior to 1975 it served as a stable for horses of the local NYPD police precinct, but that year (Alt. #593) it was converted into fine arts studio and private gallery. In 1985 (Alt. #895) it was converted to a design studio, and has served as the studio, shop, and events space for Diane von Furstenberg.





Lot:  26

Address:  383-385 W. 12th St.

N.B.:  Alt. #876 - 5/12/1948

Completed:  1949

Architect:  Arnold W. Lederer

Original Owner:  Lo-Yet Realty Corp.

Original Use:  wood-box shop and loading

1948 (Alt. #876): 3-story structure converted into 1-story and mezzanine. 1986 (Alt. #737): converted into a film studio, and later, an extension of the Diane von Furstenberg Studios.




Lot:  1

Address:  489 West St.  (also 399 W. 12th St.)

Completed:  1880 (ca.)

Architect:  Ralph deW. Stephens

Original Owner:  Aquilina Zubillaga

1880's: 4-story structure. 1890's: extension added. 1953 (Alt. #1217): top 2 stories removed, new roof. Empty for years.