East Village Building Blocks

337 East 10th Street | Block : 404 | Lot #37

  • Building Date : 1859-1860
  • Original Use : Residential
  • Original Owner : William S. Wright
  • Original Architect : William S. Wright (attributed)

Description & Building Alterations

This five-story tenement was constructed in 1859-1860 by original owner William S. Wright, who owned many buildings on this block. It is a pre-law tenement that is part of a row of six at Nos. 335 to 345 East 10th Street that was part of a larger group of eighteen. A map of East Village art galleries from 1983 (see sidebar) shows that the Gracie Mansion Gallery was at this location.

The Italianate red brick facade features molded stone lintels. Originally, the cornice was bracketed and contained a frieze, though these features have been removed. An alteration application from the 1880s mentions that there were columns on the ground level and lintels surrounding the windows, which have also been altered.

Block : 404 / Lot : 037 / Building Date : 1859-1860 / Original Owner : William S. Wright / Original Use : Residential / Original Architect : William S. Wright (attributed)

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