East Village Building Blocks

514 East 6th Street | Block : 401 | Lot #17

  • Building Date : 1859-1860
  • Original Use : Residential/Commercial
  • Original Owner : William B. Astor
  • Original Architect : Unknown

Description & Building Alterations

This five-story pre-law Italianate tenement was built in 1859-1860 as one in a row of 12 identical tenements by wealthy landowner and developer William B. Astor.  This row was built in conjunction with another matching row of tenements between Nos. 193 and 209 East 4th Street that Astor built the same year.

Heavily altered over the years, this building and No. 516 next door had rooftop additions added onto them around 2007.  The window lintels have survived to varying degrees — some are still there, some have been weathered or altered, and others removed when windows were replaced with doorways.

Block : 401 / Lot : 017 / Building Date : 1859-1860 / Original Owner : William B. Astor / Original Use : Residential/Commercial/ Original Architect : Unknown

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