East Village Building Blocks

528 East 6th Street | Block : 401 | Lot #24

  • Building Date : 2008
  • Original Use : Residential
  • Original Owner : Anthony Farrugia
  • Original Architect : George Rycar Architect P.C.

Description & Building Alterations

The building that originally stood here was built as a five-story tenement in 1862. It was one of a row of four lots owned by William B. Astor as speculative development and was likely based on the success of the other rows of tenements constructed just a few years earlier by him on this block and on East 4th Street.  The building was similar to its neighbor at No. 526 with arched window lintels.

In 1971, the building, which had 23 apartments on five stories, was gutted by fire. Following this, the upper three floors were removed and of the remaining two floors, the first was used for a garage or industry. See the 1980s tax photo in the sidebar to see what the repaired building looked like following this fire.

In 2008 the building was completely redone by adding three stories and refacing the building in stone.

Block : 401 / Lot : 024 / Building Date : 2008 / Original Owner : Anthony Farrugia / Original Use : Residential / Original Architect : George Rycar Architect P.C.





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