East Village Building Blocks

529 East 5th Street | Block : 401 | Lot #49

  • Building Date : 1860-1861
  • Original Use : Residential/Commercial
  • Original Owner : William B. Astor
  • Original Architect : Unknown

Description & Building Alterations

Built as a row of 13 speculative tenements developed by William B. Astor in 1860-61, the last 10 buildings, including No. 529, were constructed using the same plan with only minor alterations as material availability changed.  The construction began on the western portion of the block and moved east.

No. 529 was designed in the Italianate style.  The lintels have been altered with the addition of the flat arched hood — likely a metal wrap placed over the original arched lintels. The building retains its original cornice, but has lost its raised-stoop entrance.

Block : 401 / Lot : 049 / Building Date : 1860-1861 / Original Owner : William B. Astor / Original Use : Residential/Commercial / Original Architect : Unknown

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