East Village Building Blocks

534 East 6th Street | Block : 401 | Lot #27

  • Building Date : 1862-1863
  • Original Use : Residential/Commercial
  • Original Owner : William B. Astor
  • Original Architect : Unknown

Description & Building Alterations

Housing eight families, or two per floor over ground-floor shops, this pre-law tenement was built in 1862-1863 by William B. Astor as a speculative development.  This building and its immediate neighbor on either side were identical, and were built in conjunction with Nos. 528 and 530 to the west, even though they varied in design from those two buildings.

This one retains most of its original details, including many of the original window lintels, the unpainted brick facade and the cornice.  The ground-floor shops were converted into apartments at an unknown date.

Block : 401 / Lot : 027 / Building Date : 1862-1863 / Original Owner : William B. Astor / Original Use : Residential/Commercial / Original Architect : Unknown



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