East Village Building Blocks

93 Avenue B; 601 East 6th Street | Block : 389 | Lot #1

  • Building Date : Prior to 1853
  • Original Use : Residential
  • Original Owner : Unknown
  • Original Architect : Unknown

Description & Building Alterations

This four-story tenement and store building was constructed prior to 1853 likely as a row house as evidenced by the map from that year.  Tax record from 1867 shows an increase in height of one story and re-assessed value of $6,000.  The 1868 map shows a four story building at this location.

The building was altered into a moving picture theater and office building in 1911. An additional room measuring 20 feet by 26 feet by 14 feet high forms a partial additional story on the roof.

A 1915 alteration application indicates that the first story was altered into stores, the second story into showrooms, and the third story into a show-room and an apartment. New windows were cut at the front of the building and the front walls were removed. Also at the time, the entrance to the building was moved from the Sixth Street side to the Avenue B side.  It is currently four stories in height and three bays wide.  It is clad in painted brick and has modern ornament at the windows and a modern cornice.

Block : 389 / Lot : 001 / Building Date : Prior to 1853 / Original Owner : Unknown / Original Use : Residential / Original Architect : Unknown


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