Far West Village Individuals


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396-397 West Street also 305 West 10th Street


Address:  396-397 West St. (also 305 W. 10th St.)

N.B.:  162 - 3/12/1903

Completed:  1904

Architect:  Charles Stegmayer

Original Owner:  Albert Adler

Original Use:  hotel

Former Holland Hotel. Ground floor façade has been altered, but nearly all details above ground floor and original corner cast-iron column remain intact.  One of the most impressive, and diminutive, of the Greenwich Village waterfront seamen's hotels.





Charles Lane, formerly known as "Pig Alley," formerly known as Charles Street.


Street pattern/Roadbed of Charles Lane

Laid Out 1797/Mapped 1893



According to a New York City Corporation Counsel memo of 1892, what is now called Charles Lane was mentioned in the original Hammond Deed as a roadway on the north side of the Newgate State Prison, built in 1797.  At first called Charles Street and then Pig Alley, it came to be known as Charles Lane, and was officially mapped as a New York City street in 1893.  The current stone pavers are believed to date from this time, making them possibly the oldest existing street pavers in New York City.

110 Horatio Street 110 Horatio Street

Lot:  12

Address:  110-112 Horatio St.

N.B.:  906 - 9/1/1882

Completed:  1883

Architect:  Kimball and Wisedell

Original Owner:  F. W. Devoe

Original Use:  paint factory

This is the last building to be erected on the block by F. W. Devoe & Co. as a part of its paint and color works which encompassed most of the block from the 1870's to 1918.  1920 (Alt. #3283): converted to storage warehouse. 1984 (Alt. #854): converted to an annex of 114-118 Horatio St. Windows are new, but facade is otherwise largely intact.


370 - 373 West 11th Street

370 (l.) and 372 (r.) West 11th Street

Lot:  55

Address:  370 W. 11th St.

Completed:  1839

Original Owner:  Samuel Archer

Original Use:  dwelling with store below

Originally identical to 372 W. 11th St. 1874 (Alt. #663): 1/2 floor added with flat tin roof and metal cornice; storefront modified. Fire escape added 1937.

Lot:  54

Address:  372 W. 11th St.

Completed:  1839

Original Owner:  Samuel Archer

Original Use:  dwelling with store below

Storefront infilled (no record of date) though original brownstone piers and lintels survive. 1937: fire escape added. Otherwise largely intact Greek Revival house.