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Hon. Patricia Lancaster

Commissioner, New York City Department of Buildings

280 Broadway

New York, NY 10007

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Dear Commissioner Lancaster:

Thank you for ruling that the Hotel Gansevoort's billboards at 352 West 13th Street violate the zoning requirements for the site.  These billboards are totally inappropriate for this location, and I believe they should be removed.

While I am gratified that DOB has taken this action, the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation has submitted evidence that the billboards are in further violation of zoning regulations, in regards to two other nearby zoning district boundaries.  I support the claims they made in their March 23rd letter to you, and urge the Department to find these billboards in violation on these bases too.  The zoning is clear in its requirements here, and enforcing these provisions would move us closer to ensuring that these billboards are removed.






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